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Athol quote

"I will rise up, as sure as the sun; as sure as the springbok, I will run" - from ONE FINITE LIFE

Birth and rebirth


From 2009 to 2014 I published my poetry under the pseudonym, AE Ballakisten. During this period I published HEAP OF STONES (2009), TALKING TO A TREE (2011, pictured) and numerous poems in literary and other publications. I hosted a literary radio show, Words Alive on Mix 93fm and read my work at numerous literary events.

As of 2015, I started writing and reading my poetry under my legal name, and will continue to do so. AE Ballakisten will continue to be dear to me but I no longer need to stand behind him or wear the mask of his persona.

Please visit my new website at www.atholwilliams.com to learn more about my poetry, philosophy, writing and development work. I have a brief profile on Wikipedia and am active on Facebook.

Athol Williams